While the SSERP is the result of a federal mandate, the rehabilitation of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans wastewater system is essential for all New Orleanians. The sewer system is old, in some cases more than 100 years old. The system's age, coupled with the unstable soil conditions, results in an above average number of leaks and breaks and a general state of deterioration of the sewer pipes in New Orleans.

Work on a project of the SSERP's scope and scale will cause some inconveniences. Work crews may cause temporary traffic problems which may necessitate you taking a detour from your normal route. But rest assured, the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans has taken measures to limit the magnitude and duration of the inconvenience whenever possible.

Use the Current Program Activity section of this site to check on the progress of work in your neighborhood. Learn all about the innovative System Improvements we're using to ensure the SSERP is as efficient and effective as possible. Our record of addressing your problems is top notch. Use the Contact form to make a comment or lodge a complaint.

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