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Q: What is the SSERP?

SSERP stands for the Sewer System Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program. The main objective of the multi-year program is to identify and address structural and mechanical deficiencies in the wastewater collection system. The purpose of the program is to repair the sewer infrastructure in order to reduce sewer backups, keep excess groundwater out of the system, and reduce environmental impact. More detailed information can be found in the “Overview” section of the Gosserp website.

Q: Why is the project occurring in my neighborhood?

Based on sewer line and manhole inspection information gathered, it was concluded that sewer defects occur in your area and need to be addressed. The SSERP associated work that is going on in your neighborhood will help to reduce sewer problems in your area as well as contribute to the overall improvement of the sewer system in the city.

Q: Who coordinates the project?

This project is managed by Stantec. Stantec is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the numerous consultants, contractors, and other entities carrying out the planning, design and construction of improvements.

Q: How will the SSERP project affect me and my family?

This project is designed to help improve the performance of the sewer system in your area, as well as throughout the City. We do expect some minimal inconveniences such as noise, traffic rerouting and parking limitations. In order to reduce these inconveniences, most work will be completed during normal working hours and traffic interruptions will be kept to a minimum. Residents in the vicinity of the construction should receive notification letters from the construction contractor explaining the work happening in the area.

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